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COVID Disinfection Services

Disinfection services were a regular standard in hospitals and Operation theatres earlier but with the onslaught of the pandemic, sanitisation is more widely used in homes, offices and public places.

We use a range of chemicals best suited for the site to be serviced. All products used are manufactured by reputed companies and range from RTU alcohol-based disinfectants to chemicals labelled for 6-log reduction – used in highly sterile areas such as OT’s, labs and ICU’s.

The service SOP is a world-class 3 step process comprising Cleaning – Sanitisation – Disinfection. Once your premises has been cleaned and dusted, our team moves in with equipment to swab down all frequent touch points – door knobs, taps, desktops, tables, chairs, switches, etc. This is followed by a ULV application of the disinfectant liquid to create a suspension in air that achieves aerial as well as surface disinfection.

When is TerraSafe required?
  • Post-recuperation sanitisation of the home
  • If a suspected /infected person has been on your premises
  • Office area if an employee has reported Covid positive
  • If a patient is quarantined, treat the rest of the rooms in your home
  • Before bringing home a convalescing/post-operation patient
  • Before welcoming home a new mother & child post-delivery
  • Before and after any social function…
The idea is to take precautions and ensure that your office and home are safe and protected from any microbial load including the coronavirus. Your family and employees’ well-being is your top-most priority and Terramica is with you at every step.
How is a good sanitisation or disinfection planned?

Like any other service, sanitisation needs to be planned ahead. Certain steps need to be taken beforehand and some after the service to ensure the results are as desired.

There are three crucial steps towards achieving a disinfected area.
  1. Inspection and assessment: The area to be disinfected is first checked thoroughly to build a plan of action. Frequent touch points and susceptible spots are identified, areas suspected to be contaminated are isolated etc. Customer are clearly explained and queries addressed. The best product for treatment is identified.
  2. Cleaning: This is a preliminary step to be undertaken by you to remove all the dust, debris from the area to be treated. Micro-organisms thrive in organic materials and reduce effectiveness to the sanitisation process. Mop the area with a cleaning agent.
  3. Disinfection: The first step of the process begins with swabbing down the frequent touch points with an identified product. This would include, door-knobs, switches, faucets, flush handles, etc. The area is then misted with a ULV to maximise aerial disinfection – the suspended particles will disinfect the contained zone and simultaneous disinfection of all surfaces is achieved.
What is COVID-19?

There is enough information and mis-information on the web regarding the pandemic. But for those who are technically inclined here is a quick gist of technical facts:

  • The name of the virus is SARS-CoV-2
  • It belongs to the coronaviridae family that has been identified 5 decades ago. Viruses of this family are common in humans and other mammals.
  • Rarely, animal virus infect people. The SARS-CoV is one such. Other viruses have also been experienced by the world from the same origin in this century.
  • The Coronavirus family belong to the Enveloped Virus group and is thankfully the least resistant to disinfection & control methods

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