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TerraGuard Health

Pest issues are the last thing you want in your hospital. Besides being a disaster for your Hospital’s reputation and  business, there is a high risk of disease transmission by pests.

We understand you have a High Dependency in your hospital for pest control. 24×7 work hours, attending to  emergencies, all departments are hard-pressed for time. Maintenance and Administration teams have to constantly stretch themselves. Terramica pest control program for hospitals factor in these challenges in TerraGuard Health.  

TerraGuard Health

Besides attending to the pest control needs, Terramica also carries out disinfection services against microbes and pathogens in OT’s, ICUs and wards. Ensuring aseptic conditions in your premises is mission critical. Our TerraSafe disinfection service carried out expertly ensures that your critical areas are kept safe and sanitised.

Our TerraGuard Health is a comprehensive program that brings focus on Integrated Pest Management in hospitals. Terramica partners with you so that you may focus on your core responsibilities, casting aside pest worries.

Why Terramica?

India with its tropical climate is conducive to pest proliferation.
DIY attempts often fall short when hidden spots are missed, aggravating the problem.

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