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Rat Control

Rats love your food! Traps, baits, sealing solutions and expert technicians – RodaQuit, the Terramica service for rat control in your home or office, uses the best of IPM measures to ensure rats get out and stay out.


Rats cause alarm and revulsion. A rat sighting can disrupt office productivity or drive away customers in a restaurant. Physical removal of even a single rat from your home becomes a huge challenge!

Rats are highly destructive, gnawing thru wood, wires, plastic, damaging equipment. Besides they are carriers of serious disease causing pathogens. You would be left guessing where a rat has crawled and which area of your premises has been contaminated.

Terramica offers the best in class rat control service to you. Established colonies need an expert eye to detect rat pathways, proper placement of bait and traps to ensure your property is rid of these dangerous pests. Our team will not only ensure extermination but also help you identify and close entry points to minimise further entry.

What’s more, we have a unique product that effectively seals out rats from entering thru small gaps!

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Why Terramica?

India with its tropical climate is conducive to pest proliferation.
DIY attempts often fall short when hidden spots are missed, aggravating the problem.

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