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FLYght Insect Light Traps

Flying insects are attracted by light, warmth and smell emanating from your premises. These insects can contaminate your products and be a general nuisance. Light traps work on the technology of using UV light in the range that attracts these insects.


bioVE+ technology for maximizing fly attraction

No hassle of annual UV-tube replacement

Intrinsically shatter-proof LEDs

Configured for universal glue boards

Constant UV output throughout trap lifetime


FLYght One is the worlds first UV-LED Insect Light Trap of its kind that relies on UV-A and bioVE+ coating to attract flies.
  • No replacement of LEDs for 50,000 hours
  • Sleek, sturdy, lightweight and compact
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Unique design conceals glueboards
  • Upto eighty percent of electricity energy costs

Lowest cost of ownership

Trap Input power (W) Consumption per annum (KWH) Annual power costs (INR) Savings with FLYght
Three-tube ILT 45 456 3888 81%
Two-tube ILT 30 300 2592 71%
FLYght 9 84 736

Note: Traps consume slightly higher power than their rating. Assumed charges per KWH: INR 8.50.

Specifications :

Parameter Measurement with units or type
Area coverage 50 – 80 square meters
Light source Eight UV-A Light Emitting Diodes
Electrical supply 100-290V / 50-60Hz
Power consumption 11 W Maximum
Catch board specifications Universal Glue Board 418 mm X 283 mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Material Metal housing
Degree of protection guarantee IP 21 (Drip proof)
EMC EN5501
Safety Level IEC 60335
LED life 50000 hours
Dimensions (LxWxD) 425 x 196 x 112 mm
Mounting position Wall Mounting
Cable & plug Detachable IEC 320 C5
Service Serviced without special tools

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