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TerraGuard Hospitality

Pests have a special affinity to your business. The busy kitchens, plentiful food and fresh supplies, frequent visits by supply trucks make it easy for ingress and shelter. And equally challenging for effective pest control in hotels!

False ceiling spaces and innumerable ducts, shafts and cables are a nightmare to Housekeeping and Engineering departments when it comes to minimising pest complaints.

TerraGuard Hospitality

Even the sound of a scampering rat on the false ceiling in a dining area is sufficient to drive away guests. A strong well coordinated pest management plan for Hotels and restaurants drives away pests, not guests.

Terramica brings to the table a well planned bouquet of services under its TerraGuard Hospitality package. Pests like rats, cockroaches, ants, flies and lizards are included to protect your hotel under a comprehensive pest control program.

Bed-bugs are a common occurrence in hotel rooms and our expert team shall tackle this pest right as it surfaces. As with our other pest specific services that ensure fast and efficient treatment.

Protect your brand, safeguard your restaurant and hotel from pests with our TerraGuard Hospitality service package.

Why Terramica?

India with its tropical climate is conducive to pest proliferation.
DIY attempts often fall short when hidden spots are missed, aggravating the problem.

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