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TerraGuard Pharma

The sensitivity of Pharmaceutical industry to pests is extremely high with Zero tolerance to any pest activity. Facilities have to comply with very stringent standards and regulatory statutes. Frequent audits require that documentation is always accurate and updated.

Terramica has the requisite experience and expertise to partner with you all the way. TerraGuard Pharma is a customised IPM program for pest management in the pharmaceutical industry. Every requirement from sitemaps to pest activity logs is maintained on-site for ready reference.

TerraGuard Pharma

Safety and protection of your facility is always our prime concern so you do not need to divert attention from your core activity.

TerraGuard pest control solutions for the pharmaceutical industry are world-class standard. 

Backed by science and refined by experience, our stringent service quality is acknowledged by our clients in the pharma sector who have given us testimonials and recommendations.

And you are just a call away from Terramica experts.

Why Terramica?

India with its tropical climate is conducive to pest proliferation.
DIY attempts often fall short when hidden spots are missed, aggravating the problem.

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