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Cockroach Control

RoachQuit is an odourless, clean and efficient way of cockroach control. Get rid of cockroaches the safe way! Gel baits for cockroaches and ants ensure a dry service in most areas with minimal spray application in wet areas.


Good housekeeping is crucial in keeping cockroaches out but dont blame yourself if you have cockroaches in your kitchen. These pests can enter your home from through regular commodities you bring in – cylinders, groceries, soft drink crates; they can squeeze thru tiny cracks or get in thru drains and sinks. Often, roaches come in from neighbouring infestations and common areas of apartments.

These are nocturnal creatures, hiding in the smallest of gaps, nesting and multiplying right there, venturing out mostly during nights for food. A single roach seen crawling around your kitchen is an indication of an established colony that requires immediate cockroach control service.

Cockroaches devour anything that can be chewed on and are not fussy about where they get their food – sewers, toilets, kitchen sinks and spillages or the food you in your plate and containers! This habit makes them a common transmitter of ailments like dysentry, typhoid and gastro-enteritis. These pests are also known to cause allergies and exacerbate asthma.

Cockroaches can multiply very fast in hot and humid conditions so quick action will work best.

Your safety and environmental concerns are always of prime importance to us. Our expert technicians will ensure your home is disinfested thoroughly using the latest products and methods.


Indian homes are commonly invaded by many species of ants. Effective ant control demands proper identification of species and source. Ant nests have to be tracked and treated for long term relief. Terramica ant treatment with gel baits and odourless products keeps ants away from your home.

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Why Terramica?

India with its tropical climate is conducive to pest proliferation.
DIY attempts often fall short when hidden spots are missed, aggravating the problem.

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