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Good housekeeping is crucial in keeping cockroaches out but dont blame yourself if you have cockroaches in your kitchen. These pests can enter your home from through regular commodities you bring in – cylinders, groceries, soft drink crates; they can squeeze thru tiny cracks or get in thru drains and sinks. Often, roaches come in from neighbouring infestations and common areas of apartments.

These are nocturnal creatures, hiding in the smallest of gaps, nesting and multiplying right there, venturing out mostly during nights for food. A single roach seen crawling around your kitchen is most likely an indication of a large established colony.

Cockroaches devour anything that can be chewed on and are not fussy about where they get their food – sewers, toilets, kitchen sinks and spillages or the food you in your plate and containers! This habit makes them a common transmitter of ailments like dysentry, typhoid and gastro-enteritis. These pests are also known to cause allergies and exacerbate asthma.

Cockroaches can multiply very fast in hot and humid conditions so quick action will work best.

Your safety and environmental concerns are always of prime importance to us.  Our expert  technicians will ensure your home is disinfested thoroughly using the latest products and methods.


It is a common sight in Indian kitchens – a trail of ants busy carrying food from your home to their homes! Each colony comprising of hundreds to thousands of members, the workers relentlessly forage and stock upto their food supplies.

Although there are hundreds of species of ants, none are known to carry any pathogens. However, they can contaminate your food with their presence. Some species of ants are known to deliver a painful bite. If you have infants or aged family members at home, you would be particularly concerned about this pest.

At your workplace, their presence can be taken as lack of hygiene or poor housekeeping and lead to loss of business. Or loss of image.

Terramica ensures proper treatment so your property is cleared of ants effectively.


Female mosquitoes need to feed on blood in order to continue future generations. It is common knowledge now that these pests transmit dangerous diseases like malaria, Chikungunya and Dengue and more.

With an ability to breed in any standing water – septic tanks to small collections of rain water, people often feel frustrated and helpless. Vaporisers and coils are just that – a smokescreen! DIY sprays will expose you to pesticide repeatedly but will not provide longer term solutions.

As always, your safety and well-being is of utmost importance to us.

Terramica provides a long term solution with an Integrated Pest Management approach, finding and treating stagnant water breeding spots on your premises and fogging outdoors for a quick kill. Indoor application where mosquitoes rest and hide will ensure you have that much missed good night’s sleep. 

For those particular about herbal treatments, we offer Herbal repellant solutions too.


Rats are a source of alarm and revulsion. A single rat sighting can disrupt office productivity or drive away customers in a restaurant.

Rats are highly destructive, gnawing thru wood, wires, plastic, damaging equipment. Besides they are carriers of serious disease causing pathogens. You would be left guessing where a rat has been walking around and which area of your house/office/kitchen has been contaminated.

Terramica offers the best in class service to you. Established colonies need an expert eye to detect rat pathways, proper placement of bait and traps to ensure your property is rid of these dangerous pests. Our team will not only ensure extermination but also help you identify and close entry points to minimise further entry.


Houseflies transmit cholera and other deadly diseases by contaminating food. They pick up pathogens on their feet when they rest on garbage, faeces and rotten matter and unload those germs on your food. What’s more they regurgitate in your  plate to dissolve and lap up the food.

As with other pests, it is vital that a holistic approach is adopted to ensure complete control. With the time-tested Integrated Pest Management approach, our team shall identify the source and root out the problem.

Be it use of fly traps, Insect Light Traps, bait or growth regulators, trust Terramica to offer the best and safest methods of effective fly control. We will also help you with the identification of entry points for preventive screening/ curtain installation.


If you have discovered a termite mud tube or some tell tale damage of wood, it is highly probable that there is already an established infestation that you have only now detected. For termites are surreptitious creatures that hardly ever come out into the open.

Subterranean termites cause damage worth crores of Rupees each year by way of furniture and property damage. They nest underground and forage around for food source through mud tubes constructed to retain humidity.

Terramica carries out pre-construction and post-construction  termite control services.

Pre-construction: This is a soil barrier treatment that is carried out as per standards at each progressive level of construction to ensure termites have no entry into your property when it is completed.

Post-construction : This service is carried out in existing buildings. We will ensure to protect your expensive furniture and property with our termite control service. Our team shall inspect your entire property and create a soil barrier to prevent termite entry.

If you are doing expensive woodwork at your home or office, do call us for treating your wood prior to installation. Prevention today can save your investment  from costly damages in future.


There is a mis-conception that bedbugs infest only premises that are not well maintained. In reality, these pests have quickly become the top nuisance pest across the continents.

Bedbugs feed on blood alone and can survive for months together without a single feed if there is no host. They are most likely to be nesting in and around your bed, bedstead etc but once the population increases, they start spreading out and can be seen hiding behind photo frames, behind switchboards, on curtains and even in ceiling areas.

Effective treatment and relief from these pests is tricky and requires not only a proper service but also investigating/stopping possible sources of entry.

It is imperative that the treatment is carried out professionally and meticulously. A single missed spot could lead to a quick relapse. Terramica has the expertise to do just the right thing. Our treatment package shall comprise of an initial treatment followed by an inspection after two days for efficacy. A second treatment will be needed to ensure any fresh generation of bugs are also eliminated. We will also advise you on preventive steps to protect yourselves from a future attack. Call us now for further details.

Stored grain pests

Food industries find a major challenge when it comes to tackling stored grain pests. Desperate measures of chemical sprays or repeated fumigation are not likely to help mitigate this daunting issue.  We at Terramica have the expertise to identify and offer solutions to your problems.

Integrated Pest Management procedures are all important in controlling insect population. A pre-emptive approach and a well drafted plan cannot be stressed enough to achieve proper control. Terramica will do just that with carefully drawn schedules of inspections, treatment, monitoring and re-inspections.

Stored Grains are not only attacked by insects but also susceptible to mycotoxins caused by mould. Extensive damage is caused by rat attacks as well in granaries and warehouses. Terramica has specialised services to cater to the industry needs.

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